What will be available?

The Kickstarter will allow you to support and buy two core books (and an optional third) that make up the I Love the Corps role playing game.

The Marine Training Manual features the Mission Briefing , Boot Camp and Rules of Engagement sections. Mission Briefing introduces the fundamentals of the setting. Boot Camp contains pre-made characters as Personnel Files, as well as a full, highly customisable character generation system to make your own characters from scratch. Rules of Engagement tells you everything you need to know to play the game.

Classified Materials is a book for Games Masters giving information and advice on designing your own campaign background, Colonies to explore, Friendlies to aid the players, and Hostiles to battle them. It also includes a large section of pre-made Friendlies and Hostiles (Field Notes), ten pre-made Colonies and a list of Hazards and Horrors to throw a variety of physical and psychological terrors at your players.

The Mission Dossier is also for GMs and contains three pre-made Stories (game scenarios) for GMs to pick up and play. These include premade characters built for those scenarios (though original characters will work just fine).

Download the free I Love the Corps Quickstart

The Quickstart will soon be available for free download! The Quickstart features a condensed version of the rules, six complete characters (with full backgrounds and personalites) ready to play and a scenario to play. The story is called Trial by Fire, and has enough information for a GM to run a game up to four hours. Enough to whet your appetite before the full game books are available.