So what's available?

You can now head to DriveThruRPG, where you can purchase two core books pdfs and/or Print On Demand books (and an optional third) that make up the I Love the Corps role playing game.

The Marine Training Manual features the Mission Briefing, Boot Camp and Rules of Engagement sections. Mission Briefing introduces the fundamentals of the setting. Boot Camp contains pre-made characters as Personnel Files, as well as a full, highly customisable character generation system to make your own characters from scratch. Rules of Engagement tells you everything you need to know to play the game (though Boot Camp has some summaries that will do the job for most players).

Classified Materials is a book for Games Masters giving information and advice on designing your own campaign background, Colonies to explore, Friendlies to aid the players, and Hostiles to battle them. It also includes a large section of pre-made Friendlies and Hostiles (Field Notes), ten pre-made Colonies and a list of Hazards and Horrors, to throw a variety of physical and psychological terrors at your players.

The Mission Dossier is also for GMs and contains three pre-made Stories (game scenarios) for GMs to pick up and play. These include premade characters built for those scenarios (though original characters will work just fine).

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Download the free I Love the Corps Quickstart

The Quickstart is now available for free download! The Quickstart features a condensed version of the rules, six complete characters (with full backgrounds and personalites) ready to play and a scenario to play. The story is called Trial by Fire, and has enough information for a GM to run a game up to four hours. Enough to whet your appetite.

Download the Quickstart Rules

Free Character Sheets

Character sheets are now available for printing or using an editable PDF.

Download the Printable PDF Character Sheet

Download the Editable PDF Character Sheet